Researching the History of the Army Medical Services

The museum has an extensive archive of documents and photographs for all four Corps, which encompasses medical professional papers, personal diaries, campaign accounts, books and manuals. There are no dedicated researchers employed by the museum; the work is carried out by the Director and Curatorial Staff when time permits. 

The primary source for Army Medical Services research is the National Archives which holds the official records. Contact details can be found on our links page.

The RAMC Muniment Collection which consists of memorabilia donated to the RAMC pre 1990 by former officers and men of the Corps is held in the care of the Wellcome Library. Contact details can be found on our links page where a catalogue can be found online or in hard copy format at the AMS Museum.


In the first instance we would recommend that you come to the museum and conduct the research yourself (see below).

We do not hold personal service records of former members of the four Corps except some officers of the RAMC and its predecessor organisation and the RAVC who held a regular commission in the army. If the officer served only for the duration of the war or was a member of the reserve forces then we will not hold any records, except those published in the Army List. We do have references to Casualties and  Honours and Awards including some citations for the latter. Records of those military nurses who served during the First World War are now available online from the National Archives.

We do hold some historical records of sub units within the four Corps and in the case of service during the two world wars we can direct you to the relevent War Diary held in the National Archives. Also in the case of war service we can advise on where some units were stationed.

Personal visits to the archive are welcome by prior appointment only. Research carried out on your behalf may attract a request for a donation and in the case of extensive photocopying there will be a charge according to the number of pages. Images from the museum photographic collection can be copied but will attract a charge.

Further information can be obtained from the museum and details of any costs involved will be forwarded with our initial reply. Written enquiries should enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

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